PETTIBONE (Richard):

Andy Warhol’s MAO. 原作, 毛主席

1975 Oil and Silkscreen on canvas measuring 3-5/8 x 3-5/8 inches. Signed and dated “R Pettibone 1975” on the reverse.

One of the pioneers of Appropriation Art – or recycled pop art (where icons of pop art are presented in a new light or re-appropriated) – Richard PETTIBONE (American, b. 1938) has grown in popularity and recognition during the past half-century. He has brilliantly produced exquisitely accurate pocket-size copies of modernist masterworks by some of the world’s greatest artists: from Duchamp and Brancusi to Lichtenstein and Warhol. Some critics complain they are just imitations but in creating these miniature replicas, they transcend simply being copies by taking familiar images and giving them an originality and intimacy that is itself a remarkable craft. It is studying Warhol under a microscope using the identical materials and processes that Warhol used to create his own unique multiples, paying homage to what came before but recycling that same creativity and newly branding it as postmodernism.